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We believe people fundamentally grow in two ways—through events and processes.


As human beings, we are born (an event), and then spend years growing and maturing (a process). In contrast to our Sunday morning gatherings, which are primarily event-based, we design our ministries as processes through which we can grow. Going deeper with God, studying the Scriptures together, and learning how to love others better are clear objectives of our ministries.


kingdom kids


Our children's ministry is fun and exciting. We are continuously finding new ways to teach the children of our ministry that they are kindom citizens and ambassadors. We teach our children in the fundamentals of the gospel and strongly believe in teaching the next generation in the power of giving. Our children's ministry are trained in honoring God in all things. Children's church meets during every service.

(ages 3-11)



dunamis generation


Dunamis Generation is our youth ministry (ages 12-18). This is a generation in which we believe to be a strong prophetic generation. We believe in building strong disciples in the kingdom through evangelism and House of Peace. We train our young people to hear the voice of God and move in the supernatural power of God. Come and be part of this movement. Youth service every Wednesday Night. House of Peace meets every Monday Night. 


H.O.P. (House of Peace) Groups

Community is at the heart of FDAVFamily


We realize that in many ways, our culture pulls us away from authentic and genuine relationships, and so we desire to pull people together in smaller settings where most of real life is lived out. We take Christ’s call to discipleship seriously, and our extensive group system creates the necessary space for real and lasting relationships to be formed. We encourage every member to get involved in a HOP group—or even lead one!


Why membership?


We at FDAVFamily recognize that, collectively, we are more than just an evangelistic or teaching organization. We are a community of faith in Jesus Christ. A community formed by the Gospel and for the Gospel, and while various meetings of our community include attendees and guests, we also have fully participating members. The difference between attendees and members can be summed up in one word: commitment. Learn more about our membership.



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